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  • Get The Clients You Want… Without Being Salesy

    Leah Neaderthal, Sales Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Founder, Smart Gets Paid

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    You started your own business, which is awesome... until you need to get new clients. How do you sign new clients without being salesy? Leah Neaderthal, sales coach for women business owners, shares exactly how. Join Leah to learn: How to stop saying yes to just any client... and start getting the clients you really want; How to use the sales process to build great client relationships; How to be authentically yourself... even when you're selling MORE >

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  • A Pinhole of Light (is All You Need)

    Bill Bridges, PhD, Founder, The Creative Man

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Every year, 33,000 American men commit suicide. Bill Bridges has faced his own depression and suicidal thoughts, but came through them, in large part because of a willingness to face emotions that most men find hard to handle. In this presentation, he explains why men struggle with emotions, why they kill themselves in staggering numbers (even though research shows more women think about suicide), and what each man can do if he feels himself slipping into despair. MORE >

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  • Masculinity at a Crossroads

    Bill Bridges, PhD, Founder, The Creative Man

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    The term "toxic masculinity" is seemingly everywhere, although it's difficult to find consensus on what the term means, why it's bad, and what can or should be done in connection to it. In this presentation, Bill provides his working definition for toxic masculinity that connects to the challenges facing men, including isolation and depression. He explains what "hope" can look like for men and how each man can, and should, define what masculinity means to him. MORE >

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  • Dysfunctional Communication Styles

    Mark Shuler, President, The Shuler Group LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Dysfunctional communication comes into play when we feel drained or incomplete after an interaction. In short, you leave a situation feeling drained, and almost corrupted. What do we do to minimize these interactions, avoid them, fix them, or delete them?

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  • Grow Your Assets – Why growth is essential to your nest egg

    Thomas Yeung, Founder, Jurnex

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    In this talk, I cover the importance of growing your assets safely and responsibly. Everyone knows to save for retirement. But often, even affluent individuals and families aren’t convinced they’re on the right track. That’s because most financial advice focuses on playing defense. But when it comes to investing, a good offense is a FAR better choice. MORE >

    These days, it's not enough to buy "safe" low-yielding investments or ETFs and hope for the best. That's because, with people living longer and pensions getting cut, you run the risk of outliving your savings.

    We'll cover the broad strokes of what it means to diversify and invest for growth. This talk will be suitable for novice investors and advanced alike, since we'll be covering concepts that anyone can learn.

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  • Bridging the Sales Gap: A Feminine Approach

    Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder, The Shuler Group, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    As women, most of us are about connection and relationships, and we actually thrive in the role of Connector and Relator. We want to help the world. We want to make a difference. We want to see the ripples extend far beyond us. MORE >

    So we create businesses or join businesses for that very reason – we’re going to change the world, and we’ll do so from that place of Connector and Relator.

    The problem comes in when we actually have to sell our products and services. There are all sorts of sales techniques and tips, some wholesome, some not, that some of us grasp desperately.

    Hence, the connection, that relationship, falls out of the sales process (or so it seems), and there’s a huge gap between changing the world and making the sale.

    What if we bring the connection and the relationship into the sales process from the beginning so that we’re actually selling from a place of authenticity and connection?

    Dawn Shuler will share more about the need for women to embrace their sales side, and do so from that feminine place, as well as share tools that make that easier.

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