Astrid de Vries

Founder / President, Kids Connection Haiti

Free Educational Speaker in Washington D.C.

  • Orphaned Young Adults in Haiti, A Forgotten Group

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Imagine being 18 years old, ready to spread your wings, eager to go to college or find a job. An exciting time in your life, right? Now imagine being 18 years old, without a family, without a diploma, without any working experience and without a network. What would you do? Where would you go? MORE >

    Have you ever thought about the impact a stable family life has on your (professional and personal) development? With a 40% unemployment- and illiteracy rate countrywide, orphans in Haiti suffer the most.

    Kids Connection Haiti was founded to empower orphans in Haiti to become contributing, self-sufficient members within their communities through education, life skills training, community service, mentorship, and career development. We would love to share with you how Kids Connection Haiti has been successful in empowering these young men and women create financially independent futures.

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