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  • How to be Financially Empowered

    Tayvon Jackson, Financial Advisor, First Financial Security, Inc.

    Free financial seminar and workshop covers: Retirement, Life Insurance, Tax Free Income, Principal Protection, Social Security Maximization

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  • Change Your Mindset About Personal Finance

    Thomas Yeung, Founder, Jurnex

    Even if you’re financially stable, have you ever thought about your savings and felt some mixture of worry, regret, or distance? Such feelings can cause massive stress, and it’s one of the key reasons why people make panicked investment decisions. That’s why it’s so critical to change your mindset about investing. MORE >

    In this talk, I cover the importance of achieving a growth-mindset about money. I want the audience to say "goodbye" to viewing their nest egg as a burden. Instead, I'll have people see their savings for what they are: assets that can help you build even greater wealth.

    And once you learn a growth-mindset about money, you’ll find so many possibilities to generate wealth for years to come.

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  • Top Ten Questions to Help Face the End-of-Life

    Lars Etzkorn, Lawyer, Lars Etzkorn Law PLLC

    Of course, you know procrastination doesn't forestall the inevitable; it just means you will be unprepared. We know life is full of change and that all of us face end-of-life issues. To help prepare for a good death, here are some questions to consider with your loved ones, friends and advisors.

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  • Estate Planning 101: What You Need to Know

    Lars Etzkorn, Lawyer, Lars Etzkorn Law PLLC

    Do you really need a Last Will and Testament? What is a trust? What are the documents needed to protect you and your loved ones in case of incapacity? Learn what you need, how to find a lawyer, and how much it will likely cost to get an estate plan.

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  • Financial Planning and The Importance of Having a Fee-Only, Independent Fiduciary On Your Side

    Paul Trinh, Financial Planner, Wharf Financial

    On top of the difficultly you may face getting your finances in order, picking the right planner is another challenge all on its own. MORE >

    We'll go over the keys to building a solid financial plan, and highlight how important it is to work with someone who is independent, has no conflict-inducing commissions to work for, and has no proprietary products to sell.

    Whether it's something as micro as week-to-week budgeting, or a 30,000 foot view of a retirement plan, I can tailor a presentation and conversation to fit your group's needs. I enjoy conversations a lot more than lectures!

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  • Grow Your Assets – Why growth is essential to your nest egg

    Thomas Yeung, Founder, Jurnex

    In this talk, I cover the importance of growing your assets safely and responsibly. Everyone knows to save for retirement. But often, even affluent individuals and families aren’t convinced they’re on the right track. That’s because most financial advice focuses on playing defense. But when it comes to investing, a good offense is a FAR better choice. MORE >

    These days, it's not enough to buy "safe" low-yielding investments or ETFs and hope for the best. That's because, with people living longer and pensions getting cut, you run the risk of outliving your savings.

    We'll cover the broad strokes of what it means to diversify and invest for growth. This talk will be suitable for novice investors and advanced alike, since we'll be covering concepts that anyone can learn.

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  • Building Wealth from the Inside Out

    DeDee Cai, Founder and CEO, FIT TO PROFIT

    You have the highs and lows in your business. You wondered why running a business seems like charging up an uphill battle most of the time. You know what it takes to be successful, but the results do not correlate with the level of knowledge you possess, nor the level of enthusiasm you have. You may seem successful from the outside, but feel unfulfilled from the inside. So you keep will-powering through until one day you are forced to ask yourself the question: ‘‘What am I doing wrong?’ MORE >

    What if I told you that you don’t have any real business problems, that the issues you have are just a reflection of how you operate as a person, and what you think you are capable of creating. That the state of your net worth is a direct reflection of your level of self-worth. Why does success, and earning money for a business owner has to be such a source of struggle? It does not have to be.

    This presentation will provide you with the tools to set your mind on what’s possible, and reclaim your worth to take your business to the next level.

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  • Achieving Peace Of Mind Through Financial Planning

    Kevin Ostergaard, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Wolf Group Capital Advisors

    One of the leading causes of stress in the United States stems from a lack of confidence managing personal finances. This stress can lead to lack of production at work, issues at home, and decrease is self-esteem. MORE >

    This seminar is focused on answering the following questions to help you, your employees, or members build a firm financial foundation:

    How can we relieve stress through Financial Planning?

    How can saving now affect our long-term financial trajectory?

    How can you take control of your cash flow?

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