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  • Empowering Returning Citizens

    Alex Simmons, Chief Executive Officer, ReStart Solutions Group, LLC

    This presentation is about empowering our returning citizens to take up, restart, and resume their life in the community. In order to empower them, we integrate various disciplines to activate a positive change in attitude and disposition…activating intrinsic motivations…imploding various negative thought patterns. MORE >

    The lecture/workshop cultivates:
    1. Self-Discovery – the process of acquiring insight into one’s own character; finding one’s purpose: the why I’m here on this earth.
    2. Self-Management – self-control and the taking of responsibility for one’s own behavior, well-being, and resources (spirit, soul, and body).
    3. Self-Actualization – the fulfillment of one’s own talents and potentialities; a manifestation of self.
    4. A Healthy Imagination – Imagination stimulates creativity and innovation; “Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.” (Albert Einstein).
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  • Speaking with Confidence

    Katerina Arzhayev, Leader of COO Initiatives, SUSE

    Beginning with Lincoln Douglas debate, and ending with Executive presentations to the leaders of multi-billion dollar technology companies, Katerina has experienced all types of communication. During this presentation, she will share the subtle unspoken requirements of interpersonal communication and the best practices for speaking in public – whether it is giving an executive presentation or a persuasive speech at the dinner table. MORE >

    She weaves in cultural and individual nuances that affect our abilities to communicate and teaches audiences to discovery and tap into their strengths to ensure they can present themselves with intentionality and build meaningful connections.

    This topic covers the basics of a good speech delivery, in addition to teaching audiences to deliver on content:
    - Intentionally using socially acceptable silences
    - Contributing confidently on unfamiliar topics through localized context
    - The formula for a perfect 45 second response that pivots the conversation into your area of comfort

    This topic focuses on the daily conversations we experience, rather than providing a comprehensive breakdown of public speaking in general.

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  • Marketing your Self

    Marvin Meinders, Owner, Meinders Consultant, LLC

    Now that you have finished your education and ready to find that perfect job you have been working for, now is the time to find the job. You can be the perfect candidate for the job, but if you do not market yourself well, all your training may have been in vain. Most people do not think much about marketing themselves until it is time to look for a job, but if you wait until then, you start out at a disadvantage in the job market. MORE >

    Marketing and networking are keys to finding good jobs today. You may think that automated job searches and automated applications are the way to employment in today’s market. But with these tactics alone you will miss about 80% of available job opportunities. Did you know that according to Steven Rothberg, founder of job search website, approximately 80 percent of the jobs are never advertised? We will discuss how the use of networking and social media can improve your marketability.
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  • Energy Conservation… It’s Not Just About Global Warming

    Mark Shuler, President, The Shuler Group LLC

    There are many areas in our lives where we lose precious time, energy, and aliveness. This happens for a variety of reasons: stuck in a routine, tradition, not enough time, and overwhelm, to name a few. What if you could remove the negative influences and replace them with positive influences or with the freedom to explore new possibilities?
    MORE >

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  • Respect the Gun: Relationships can be deadly

    Gary Gracia, Zilah

    Relationships can either make or break us. As we continue to evolve and change what we define as love, we fail to understand how our past relationships and family origins have kill some things in us. I would help men and women identify our the symptoms you are dealing with are rooted in what you may not know exist within you. MORE >

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  • Accelerating Your Career on Life’s Expressway

    Marvin Meinders, Owner, Meinders Consultant, LLC

    Are you or your child just starting out on their career or are you caught in a bad situation in your career, it is important that you have an overall strategic plan to help you navigate your career hurdles. A successful career includes more than just your job performance. To be really successful in your career, you must first have a plan of what you want to achieve and how to achieve them over your 40-year career. MORE >

    To help you develop a strategic plan, we will identify and discuss key elements such as your career, personal, and professional goals. To accomplish your goal you will also need to identifying the special gifts and talents you possess to achieve these goals. Identifying these key elements and putting them into a timeline is essential to get your career off to a fast and successful life and career.
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  • Dysfunctional Communication Styles

    Mark Shuler, President, The Shuler Group LLC

    Dysfunctional communication comes into play when we feel drained or incomplete after an interaction. In short, you leave a situation feeling drained, and almost corrupted. What do we do to minimize these interactions, avoid them, fix them, or delete them?

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  • Masculinity at a Crossroads

    Bill Bridges, PhD, Founder, The Creative Man

    The term "toxic masculinity" is seemingly everywhere, although it's difficult to find consensus on what the term means, why it's bad, and what can or should be done in connection to it. In this presentation, Bill provides his working definition for toxic masculinity that connects to the challenges facing men, including isolation and depression. He explains what "hope" can look like for men and how each man can, and should, define what masculinity means to him. MORE >

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  • Your voice creates: Men should not yell at women

    Gary Gracia, Zilah

    I had to learn the hard way that talking, yelling, screaming and shouting in high volumes does something to women. Women have tolerated a lot because of how people talk to them but as my wife has taught me (she likes to use the word train), women should not accept being spoken to like that. Someone needs to educate men and women to love with women even when someone is rude. MORE >

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  • Power of the Mind

    Martin Vendemia, BCH, MNLP, Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, Inner Group Inc.

    Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and other techniques of the mind, audience and participants can get first hand experience what their mind and body is capable. And those limits of money, health, family, relationship or other areas can be made aware. MORE >

    Show is typically fun, entertaining and somewhat educational. Shows are about 1 hour (but can be longer or shorter as needed). Typically done with audience participation either on stage or from their seats. We use imagination, fantasy and creativity to bring out these great shows.
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