Laura Ellen

Nutritionist + Life Coach, Laura Ellen Coaching

Free Health & Fitness Speaker in Washington D.C.

  • You and Birthday Cake Alone in a Room: The Unexpected Truth to Maximizing Diet Willpower

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    The formula to health and weight loss seems pretty clear: Don’t eat sweets or junk food. Exercise. Reach your body goals. If it’s so clear, then why do so many people have to return to dieting year after year? And why do 93% of dieters put on more weight than they originally lost? And why can one inanimate cake cause us to act in exactly the opposite way of our goals? MORE >

    Laura Ellen breaks down how the conventional weight loss and fitness industries’ approach to dieting sabotages willpower and is the cause of their terrible client success rates. She then teaches practical, science-proven methods to maximizing diet willpower and motivation that you’ve never heard from a health professional before.
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  • Stop Hiding Your Wrappers: How Food + Body Shame Keep Us from Our Healthiest Selves

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    In her years as a nutrition student, wellness consultant, and now as a health coach, Laura Ellen has come to realize one very key trend: we’re all keeping the same secret, hoping nobody finds out our secret. And that secret is - we all feel crazy with food. MORE >

    From doctors, to physique competitors, to weight loss clients, Laura has worked with person after person who is waiting to get they’re eating “under control” before they really show up in the world - professionally, personally, or otherwise. And it’s this waiting and hiding, not the eating itself, that keeps them stuck in the same habits.

    In this talk, Laura Ellen breaks down how shame perpetuates unwanted eating behaviors and keeps up from our health and diet goals rather than motivating us to success.

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