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  • Searching for the Truth… What is Truth?

    Mark Karapetyan, Founder / President, What If UR Wrong Apologetics

    Ask anyone today if truth exists, or if it can be defined, and see how fascinating and edgy the conversation will get in a second. Ironically, we live in a pluralistic post-modern world where truth is subjectively recognized, widely suppressed, and regularly denied. You have probably heard someone tell you "I have my own truth and you have yours” or “all religions are true.” MORE >

    The problem with these types of statements is that they are opposing and mutually exclusive by nature. If they can't logically be both true, for they are self –defeating, how do we define truth and find out what is the truth?
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  • How to Define an Infinite God

    Mark Karapetyan, Founder / President, What If UR Wrong Apologetics

    If I asked you to draw a picture of a table, a tree, or a car, it would be relatively easy for you to do so. What if I asked you to draw something like gravity? What would you draw? Although you are aware that gravity exists, you just don’t know what it looks like since you can’t see it. How then can you draw it? What if I challenged you to sketch a picture of an object that is immaterial, that cannot be observed or seen, does not have any sides, angles, shapes, or any measurements, but you know exists, and is out there somewhere? What would you sketch? MORE >

    Basically, what I am asking you to do is draw God. Could you do it? It’s far more complex because you know that God exists, but that you just can’t observe or measure him. How can you draw something that you can’t observe, measure, or visualize, but you know exists? What do you do? How can anyone define a being that is outside of every known dimension? We can’t know what or who God is. That’s a fact! What we can do as finite humans is, point out several characteristics about God that He made it possible for us to observe and understand.
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