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  • Do You Have Rockstars or Rocks on Your Team?

    Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder, The Shuler Group, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    A player employees outperform B players by 3 to 1. B players outperform C players by 3 to 1 again.

    Do the math… that means A players (your rockstars) are worth NINE C players (the rocks). MORE >

    How can you tell if you have rockstars or rocks on your team? How do you hire rockstars? Can you train rockstars? Do you need all rockstars only? Is there a place for the rocks?

    In this session, we'll cover:
    - What makes someone a rockstar, and what makes someone a rock
    - What to look for to hire rockstars over rocks
    - What to do with the rocks

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  • Estate Planning 101: What You Need to Know

    Lars Etzkorn, Lawyer, Lars Etzkorn Law PLLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Do you really need a Last Will and Testament? What is a trust? What are the documents needed to protect you and your loved ones in case of incapacity? Learn what you need, how to find a lawyer, and how much it will likely cost to get an estate plan.

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  • Designing Dynamic Teams

    Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder, The Shuler Group, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Imagine if your staff and teams understood each other better and could communicate effectively and functionally… what would that do for your organization?

    You want to increase your bottom line, reduce employee turnover, decrease communication and morale issues, solve problems more easily, and create a positive company culture. MORE >

    A focus on team building helps staff and employees know each other better, learn how to work together more effectively, and improve the ability to communicate about issues in the workplace.

    • Learn the 4 stages of any project and how teams work together most effectively
    • Understand the importance of knowing the strengths of each member of the team
    • Explore how those individual strengths work collaboratively for the best results
    • Learn the 6 dysfunctional team styles

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  • Why Should We Become More Active?

    Anastasia Martynova, Founder and President, Your Sunshine

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    It is known that physical activities are an essential part of having a satisfactory quality of life. Activities encourage forming social interactions, enhance self-worth, and strengthen biological functions. This is especially true for children with special needs. Even further, according to the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, the benefits of physical activities for persons with disabilities are immeasurable: ranging from improving psychological issues such as anxiety and depression, improving joint pain and swelling discomforts, and decreasing the chance of getting colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure (Persons with Disabilities). MORE >

    Nonetheless, there are some barriers to engaging in physical activities. According to a scholarly study, factors include " child's lack of interest (43%), lack of developmentally appropriate programs (33%), too many behavioral problems (32%), and parents' lack of time (29%)"(Yazdani et al., 2013). However, the study concluded that it all boils down to the parental physical activity and lifestyle, which reflects on how much their child would contribute in physical activities regardless of the barriers (Yazdani et al., 2013). Activities that includes both the parent and the child are ideal. The child would have the emotional support they need and a role model to follow. Ultimately resulting in a healthy and happy life.
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  • Building C3 Communities with Talent Optimization

    Mali Phonpadith, Founder & CEO, SOAR Community Network, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Build Compassionate, Cohesive and Collaborative (C3) communities within organizations using behavioral science and talent optimization disciplines. Mali shares strategic approaches to help executives drive business results by building and maintaining compassionate, cohesive and collaborative communities within the organization.
    The focus and goal of the session will help executive leaders: MORE >

    *Come to a consensus on new strategic priorities;
    *Use behavioral science to design high performing, innovative and cohesive teams;
    *Drive business results by aligning people data (behavioral strengths) with strategic objectives

    *Participants will be able to evaluate and prioritize their strategic objectives
    *Participants will be able to analyze and design people/team/talent strategies that creates C3 Communities within their organizations
    *Participants will be able to establish a new approach to talent management that increases engagement, improves collaboration, drive business results and improve organizational effectiveness
    *Participants will be able to assess how their “team type” and “culture map” (based on the results of their people data) impact engagement, productivity and innovation

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  • The Environment

    DonnaAnn Ward, Actor, Writer, Organizer

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

    While the increase and severity of environmental disasters is nearly impossible to deny, there is hope on the horizon. It seems that every insurmountable problem mankind has created is finding a new and innovative solution. All over our planet, efforts are being made to reduce the impact of human activity in fascinating ways. MORE >

    Speaking about the environment can be heart breaking. So many problems exist, that it can seem pointless to even try to solve them. Yet, all over the world bright minds are coming together, often crossing incredible boundaries of geography, language, and culture, to work to save our Earth.

    Addressing painful topics, loss of life, suffering, sickness, tragedy, can be difficult, but reaching those who can effect change the most is critical. I am proud to do my part to recognize the serious issues we face, as well as the myriad ways we can all work to overcome them. Speaking on environmental issues is one way I chip in.

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  • Personalized Medicine in the Context of Diagnostics and Healthcare Improvement.

    Tisha Jepson, CEO, True Bearing Diagnostics

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Why has the trajectory of healthcare improvement from the Human Genome Project until today fallen so short of expectations? Why is cancer ahead of the pack? Why is 40-70% of testing for coronary artery disease unnecessary? Why are 50% of first heart attacks unexpected? What are some important differences between DNA and RNA when it comes to healthcare? This talk will touch on these and related topics that will enable the lay person to better understand the current status of clinical and diagnostic care as related to personalized medicine from the perspective of the transcriptome and its ability to assist with a fundamental pivot supporting better population scale health and healthcare. MORE >

    Goal – more preventative care and better accuracy as physicians and the patients work toward addressing declining health and diseases both diagnostically and therapeutically.

    Focus - a new diagnostic test for coronary artery disease (CAD) will be described as a case study.

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  • The Voice

    Willie Williams, CEO, Inspire The Fire Inc.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    What is the difference between an employee and a leader? One comes to do a job, the leader comes to make the job better. Today everyone wants to be a leader but unfortunately, not everyone understands the key to becoming the kind of leader that others are would like to follow. MORE >

    Many people follow leaders because they HAVE to follow them, but that creates an environment or culture of obligation, which leads to many bitter and unhappy people. However, when you lead in a way where followers WANT to be led you will have a culture of excitement, joy and see a MAJOR increase in productivity.
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  • Following Your Dreams Despite Challenges

    Anastasia Martynova, Founder and President, Your Sunshine

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    As of 2012, over 38.4 million Americans, were living with a disability, according to the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium. The discrimination towards individuals with disabilities still continues to negatively affect the opportunities and lives of people with disabilities. Treating disabled individuals differently can give them a negative attitude towards others and life itself. MORE >

    It is important that we try to understand how disability discrimination is affecting other individual's lives in a negative way. No one should be excluded from activities because they have a "disability.” Anastasia Martynova is proof that nothing should stop someone from reaching their goals in life.
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  • Sailing the Leader Ship Effectively and Efficiently

    Ukpeme Okon, Charismatic Speaker, Creative Author, Ambassador for Peace

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Leadership can be challenging. Despite good intentions, many good leaders encounter setbacks. This topic will address some of the issues leaders face, and are likely to face in the course of leadership. From personal experience, I will inspire participants to overcome leadership problems and sail their leader ship effectively and efficiently.

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