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  • 3 Big Secrets About Your Thyroid That Are Keeping Your Health Hostage

    Dr. Anne Berkeley, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Anne Berkeley PLLC

    Do you struggle with fatigue, brain fog, weight gain or mood imbalances? You may be wondering what caused these symptoms and if you’ll ever feel like yourself again. Your thyroid produces hormones that help regulate many of your body’s functions and millions of Americans are affected by thyroid imbalances. This presentation is about providing insight to help you overcome common thyroid symptoms and empowering you to find a greater sense of well-being. MORE >

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  • Conquering Stress on the Inside and Out

    Dr. Anne Berkeley, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Anne Berkeley PLLC

    Stress is inevitable in our modern world and is a regular feature in our personal and professional lives. While stress can result in negative effects to our bodies and minds, there are ways to increase our resilience and improve performance. This is an interactive presentation that will provide tools and techniques to confidently manage and help you recover from stressful situations. Please note: This is a joint presentation with Dr. Anne Berkeley and Alexandra Suchman from AIS Collaborations. MORE >

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  • How to Manage Energy NOT Time

    DeDee Cai, Founder and CEO, FIT TO PROFIT

    Do you find yourself rushing from one task to the next? You feel like your todo list gets longer by the hour as you tried to find the next hack on how to multitask. You have every intention to be disciplined and follow your calendar, but you find yourself delaying tasks for the next day. MORE >

    You feel exhausted having had a ‘busy’ day as you realized you didn’t accomplish everything you needed to do. You find yourself saying: “There isn’t enough time in the day.” quite often. What if I told you that you can achieve 10X the results by learning how to manage your energy instead of time. Come learn more about yourself, and how you can retrain yourself for peak performance.
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  • Why Should We Become More Active?

    Anastasia Martynova, Founder and President, Your Sunshine

    It is known that physical activities are an essential part of having a satisfactory quality of life. Activities encourage forming social interactions, enhance self-worth, and strengthen biological functions. This is especially true for children with special needs. Even further, according to the U.S Department of Health & Human Services, the benefits of physical activities for persons with disabilities are immeasurable: ranging from improving psychological issues such as anxiety and depression, improving joint pain and swelling discomforts, and decreasing the chance of getting colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure (Persons with Disabilities). MORE >

    Nonetheless, there are some barriers to engaging in physical activities. According to a scholarly study, factors include " child's lack of interest (43%), lack of developmentally appropriate programs (33%), too many behavioral problems (32%), and parents' lack of time (29%)"(Yazdani et al., 2013). However, the study concluded that it all boils down to the parental physical activity and lifestyle, which reflects on how much their child would contribute in physical activities regardless of the barriers (Yazdani et al., 2013). Activities that includes both the parent and the child are ideal. The child would have the emotional support they need and a role model to follow. Ultimately resulting in a healthy and happy life.
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  • You and Birthday Cake Alone in a Room: The Unexpected Truth to Maximizing Diet Willpower

    Laura Ellen, Nutritionist + Life Coach, Laura Ellen Coaching

    The formula to health and weight loss seems pretty clear: Don’t eat sweets or junk food. Exercise. Reach your body goals. If it’s so clear, then why do so many people have to return to dieting year after year? And why do 93% of dieters put on more weight than they originally lost? And why can one inanimate cake cause us to act in exactly the opposite way of our goals? MORE >

    Laura Ellen breaks down how the conventional weight loss and fitness industries’ approach to dieting sabotages willpower and is the cause of their terrible client success rates. She then teaches practical, science-proven methods to maximizing diet willpower and motivation that you’ve never heard from a health professional before.
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  • Wellness for the Busy Professional

    Michelle Rhodes, Nurse Entrepreneur, Michelle Rhodes Media

    Objectives: Learner will identify 6 types of wellness, Discuss how to improve it, Where to access resources.

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  • Personalized Medicine in the Context of Diagnostics and Healthcare Improvement.

    Tisha Jepson, CEO, True Bearing Diagnostics

    Why has the trajectory of healthcare improvement from the Human Genome Project until today fallen so short of expectations? Why is cancer ahead of the pack? Why is 40-70% of testing for coronary artery disease unnecessary? Why are 50% of first heart attacks unexpected? What are some important differences between DNA and RNA when it comes to healthcare? This talk will touch on these and related topics that will enable the lay person to better understand the current status of clinical and diagnostic care as related to personalized medicine from the perspective of the transcriptome and its ability to assist with a fundamental pivot supporting better population scale health and healthcare. MORE >

    Goal – more preventative care and better accuracy as physicians and the patients work toward addressing declining health and diseases both diagnostically and therapeutically.

    Focus - a new diagnostic test for coronary artery disease (CAD) will be described as a case study.

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  • Stop Hiding Your Wrappers: How Food + Body Shame Keep Us from Our Healthiest Selves

    Laura Ellen, Nutritionist + Life Coach, Laura Ellen Coaching

    In her years as a nutrition student, wellness consultant, and now as a health coach, Laura Ellen has come to realize one very key trend: we’re all keeping the same secret, hoping nobody finds out our secret. And that secret is - we all feel crazy with food. MORE >

    From doctors, to physique competitors, to weight loss clients, Laura has worked with person after person who is waiting to get they’re eating “under control” before they really show up in the world - professionally, personally, or otherwise. And it’s this waiting and hiding, not the eating itself, that keeps them stuck in the same habits.

    In this talk, Laura Ellen breaks down how shame perpetuates unwanted eating behaviors and keeps up from our health and diet goals rather than motivating us to success.

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  • Stop Settling for Less and Flourish

    Kay Loughrey, MPH, MSM, RDN, LDN, Health Coach, Dietitian-Nutritionist, Sweet Life Wellness

    Change is difficult for almost everyone, and it often looks easier and safer to stay with old habits and behaviors, even though we know they can keep us from living up to our full potential. I have found ways to help people identify the costly sources of self-sabotage and disrupt those patterns, to free themselves from these behaviors and open new paths. MORE >

    In my presentation I will share details on how to identify the source of those expensive habits, how to disrupt them and establish behaviors that open the way to a life of joy and success that may have once seemed out of reach. For the people at your event who know what to do for their health, relationships, or business but can’t seem to consistently change these costly self-sabotaging behaviors, I will help them discover how they can disrupt those habits and find a new path with a whole new set of opportunities.

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  • I’ll Have What She’s Having

    Robin Bourdeau, Weight Loss Coach, Robin Bourdeau Coaching

    In this session, Robin shares her personal journey from 270 pounds back to being healthy and fit. She provides insight and guidance for understanding your current state, setting goals, building strength, energy, fitness, confidence and more.

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