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  • Unleashing the Power of Breakthrough Skills

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Technology cannot do it all in business. Successful entrepreneurs, leaders and managers need more. Bob Graham has developed three breakthrough skills, which when unleashed empower people and organizations to become more productive, collaborative and innovative. Using a combination of humor and insight, Graham has participants not just learning about breakthrough skills, but putting them to work – during the session. Participants leave inspired and prepared to act on what they learn. MORE >

    • How successful people blend technical skills with breakthrough skills to achieve that success
    • The importance of attunement, experience management and storytelling to solve complex problems
    • Strategies for using breakthrough skills in their own lives
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  • Breaking Through Generational Differences

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    The most diverse workforce in history is working in offices in the U.S. People in their 60s, 70s and even the 80s might work alongside people in their teens and 20s. The experiences of each age group (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z) differ greatly. Yet they have to work together for business to succeed. Bob Graham explains how his breakthrough skills can empower people of any age to work more effectively with people who are different. MORE >

    + Key components of each generation and what they mean
    + Important similarities among the age groups that can forge a new understanding
    + How to embrace differences to find better solutions to complex problems
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  • Going from Manager to Leader

    Most people see managers as people to tell others what to do. By contrast, good leaders collaborate, inspire, motivate and celebrate their team members and the collective success. Ideal for new and seasoned managers, Bob Graham explains the benefits of being a leader, then provides participants with actionable strategies for becoming the leader their teams need. This interactive workshop can radically improve how teams operate. MORE >

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  • Ok, Boomer; Those Millennials – Dealing With Generational Differences

    The widest range of ages in history have to work together in offices. With the shift to more Millennial managers and the first members of Generation Z joining the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers and Generation X in the workplace, things are getting really complicated and at times confrontational. Through engaging discussion and fun activities, discover who is in each group and what makes them excited and enraged; learn tips and tricks for how to work with older or younger colleagues; find out new ways to communicate to ensure success when dealing with colleagues from other generations. MORE >

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  • Enough With the Boring Meetings

    Staff meetings, weekly meetings, project meetings and a litany of Zoom, Skype, Facebook Teams and other video meetings seem to be an increasingly annoying fact of life. In this engaging and action-based workshop, find out ways to ensure that everyone is engaged and involved in every meeting. Find out how shared objectives, organic agendas, action steps and other hacks can make running and attending meetings more useful. And most importantly, discover how to make EVERY meeting matter and an alternative that will not only ease boredom, but encourage greater teamwork, innovation and creativity. MORE >

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  • All the Answers You Need are Hidden Inside You — Keynote

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    In this motivational keynote address, Bob Graham delivers an message on how we can solve even the most complex of challenges. MORE >

    Using personal experiences (including his successful 25+ year battle with cancer, as well as wit and hard-earned wisdom acquired from his varied career as a journalist, marketer, professor and business coach, Graham delivers a powerful presentation focused on Embracing the Renegade in You.

    Participants will discover how to access inside each of them the Renegade, someone who is finding their own unique pathway to success. He will show them how that Renegade can be empowered to solve problems and how those solutions will encourage them to take greater personal risks and experience great rewards.

    As cohost of the Today's Antidote podcast since March 2020, he shares stories and anecdotes that highlight this uniquely simple way to solve problems. In his presentation, he gives actionable steps that will drive people to collaborate and operate more effectively individually and in teams.

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