Martin Vendemia, BCH, MNLP

Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, Inner Group Inc.

Free Self Improvement Speaker in Washington D.C.

  • Fun with Hypnosis (fun and comedy)

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    A lighthearted fun show that usually runs about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Clean show good for schools, business, religious organizations. Can be used for fundraising. Typically fun skits with people doing silly things and cutting loose and having a great time. Audiences and participant laugh so much and have such great time. MORE >

    Specialized topics can be added into the show for specific needs of an organization if requested, or can just stay with having fun.
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  • Intro to Meditation

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    A enlightening speech that both teaches the basics of meditation but also the science behind it. Participants can even watch their own brain patterns on a portable EEG device to see feedback of what meditation looks like and compare it to what they think it might be. This type of class is often groundbreaking for individuals who are often doing meditation improperly and getting poor results for years. MORE >

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  • Power of the Mind

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and other techniques of the mind, audience and participants can get first hand experience what their mind and body is capable. And those limits of money, health, family, relationship or other areas can be made aware. MORE >

    Show is typically fun, entertaining and somewhat educational. Shows are about 1 hour (but can be longer or shorter as needed). Typically done with audience participation either on stage or from their seats. We use imagination, fantasy and creativity to bring out these great shows.
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