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  • Change Your Mindset About Personal Finance

    Thomas Yeung, Founder, Jurnex

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Even if you’re financially stable, have you ever thought about your savings and felt some mixture of worry, regret, or distance? Such feelings can cause massive stress, and it’s one of the key reasons why people make panicked investment decisions. That’s why it’s so critical to change your mindset about investing. MORE >

    In this talk, I cover the importance of achieving a growth-mindset about money. I want the audience to say "goodbye" to viewing their nest egg as a burden. Instead, I'll have people see their savings for what they are: assets that can help you build even greater wealth.

    And once you learn a growth-mindset about money, you’ll find so many possibilities to generate wealth for years to come.

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  • Your Progress is Holding You Back

    Cheryl Abram, Learning Doula, Ypifany

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In this high energy session, Cheryl helps decision-makers see and understand why change is necessary, difficult and rewarding. As the accountable party, decision-makers need to evolve while embracing real change. The session includes practical guidance for how to cultivate the power of personal accountability at home and at work.

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  • Building C3 Communities with Talent Optimization

    Mali Phonpadith, Founder & CEO, SOAR Community Network, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Build Compassionate, Cohesive and Collaborative (C3) communities within organizations using behavioral science and talent optimization disciplines. Mali shares strategic approaches to help executives drive business results by building and maintaining compassionate, cohesive and collaborative communities within the organization.
    The focus and goal of the session will help executive leaders: MORE >

    *Come to a consensus on new strategic priorities;
    *Use behavioral science to design high performing, innovative and cohesive teams;
    *Drive business results by aligning people data (behavioral strengths) with strategic objectives

    *Participants will be able to evaluate and prioritize their strategic objectives
    *Participants will be able to analyze and design people/team/talent strategies that creates C3 Communities within their organizations
    *Participants will be able to establish a new approach to talent management that increases engagement, improves collaboration, drive business results and improve organizational effectiveness
    *Participants will be able to assess how their “team type” and “culture map” (based on the results of their people data) impact engagement, productivity and innovation

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  • Simple Rules for Women Leaders

    Dr. Mallary Tytel, President, Healthy Workplaces

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Are YOU a woman who is ready to advance in leadership, but still find obstacles in your path while you diligently serve? Are YOU part of an organization committed to increasing opportunities for women, but haven’t hit on a strategy that works? Most importantly, are YOU ready to embrace power and opportunity with the intention of assuming leadership and being your best self? The ways that you think about and use your own power can be the difference that makes a difference in your career. MORE >

    This presentation offers Simple Rules and Simple Tools to help you hone your skills and move you forward to reach your goals. Embrace your own power with intention and confidence, while focusing on your presence and self-assurance. Now is the time to move forward to achieve success. Let's get started.
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  • Sailing the Leader Ship Effectively and Efficiently

    Ukpeme Okon, Charismatic Speaker, Creative Author, Ambassador for Peace

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Leadership can be challenging. Despite good intentions, many good leaders encounter setbacks. This topic will address some of the issues leaders face, and are likely to face in the course of leadership. From personal experience, I will inspire participants to overcome leadership problems and sail their leader ship effectively and efficiently.

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  • Maximizing Social Security

    Tayvon Jackson, Financial Advisor, New Perspective Financial Solutions

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    This financial seminar will educate you on how to maximize your social security. We will discuss strategies to pay the least amount of taxes on your social security along with how to properly claim off your spouse. Participants will leave this event with better knowledge on how social security incorporates with their retirement.

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  • 7 ways to not lose your best employees

    Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder, The Shuler Group, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Your employees and staff are the lifeblood of your organization. If you're losing good employees and/or you have a revolving door of people leaving your company, you're sacrificing profit, customer retention, and morale if you don't get a handle on this problem.

    During this session, we will cover: MORE >

    - The #1 reason employees voluntarily leave a position
    - How to identify your best employees
    - 7 strategies to employ (pun intended) to retain your employees - 6 of which you can put in place today

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  • Respect the Gun: Relationships can be deadly

    Gary Gracia, Zilah

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Relationships can either make or break us. As we continue to evolve and change what we define as love, we fail to understand how our past relationships and family origins have kill some things in us. I would help men and women identify our the symptoms you are dealing with are rooted in what you may not know exist within you. MORE >

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  • Personalized Medicine in the Context of Diagnostics and Healthcare Improvement.

    Tisha Jepson, CEO, True Bearing Diagnostics

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Why has the trajectory of healthcare improvement from the Human Genome Project until today fallen so short of expectations? Why is cancer ahead of the pack? Why is 40-70% of testing for coronary artery disease unnecessary? Why are 50% of first heart attacks unexpected? What are some important differences between DNA and RNA when it comes to healthcare? This talk will touch on these and related topics that will enable the lay person to better understand the current status of clinical and diagnostic care as related to personalized medicine from the perspective of the transcriptome and its ability to assist with a fundamental pivot supporting better population scale health and healthcare. MORE >

    Goal – more preventative care and better accuracy as physicians and the patients work toward addressing declining health and diseases both diagnostically and therapeutically.

    Focus - a new diagnostic test for coronary artery disease (CAD) will be described as a case study.

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  • Stop Hiding Your Wrappers: How Food + Body Shame Keep Us from Our Healthiest Selves

    Laura Ellen, Nutritionist + Life Coach, Laura Ellen Coaching

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    In her years as a nutrition student, wellness consultant, and now as a health coach, Laura Ellen has come to realize one very key trend: we’re all keeping the same secret, hoping nobody finds out our secret. And that secret is - we all feel crazy with food. MORE >

    From doctors, to physique competitors, to weight loss clients, Laura has worked with person after person who is waiting to get they’re eating “under control” before they really show up in the world - professionally, personally, or otherwise. And it’s this waiting and hiding, not the eating itself, that keeps them stuck in the same habits.

    In this talk, Laura Ellen breaks down how shame perpetuates unwanted eating behaviors and keeps up from our health and diet goals rather than motivating us to success.

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