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  • Dysfunctional Communication Styles

    Mark Shuler, President, The Shuler Group LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Dysfunctional communication comes into play when we feel drained or incomplete after an interaction. In short, you leave a situation feeling drained, and almost corrupted. What do we do to minimize these interactions, avoid them, fix them, or delete them?

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  • Following Your Dreams Despite Challenges

    Anastasia Martynova, Founder and President, Your Sunshine

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    As of 2012, over 38.4 million Americans, were living with a disability, according to the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium. The discrimination towards individuals with disabilities still continues to negatively affect the opportunities and lives of people with disabilities. Treating disabled individuals differently can give them a negative attitude towards others and life itself. MORE >

    It is important that we try to understand how disability discrimination is affecting other individual's lives in a negative way. No one should be excluded from activities because they have a "disability.” Anastasia Martynova is proof that nothing should stop someone from reaching their goals in life.
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  • Sailing the Leader Ship Effectively and Efficiently

    Ukpeme Okon, Charismatic Speaker, Creative Author, Ambassador for Peace

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Leadership can be challenging. Despite good intentions, many good leaders encounter setbacks. This topic will address some of the issues leaders face, and are likely to face in the course of leadership. From personal experience, I will inspire participants to overcome leadership problems and sail their leader ship effectively and efficiently.

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  • Get The Clients You Want… Without Being Salesy

    Leah Neaderthal, Sales Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Founder, Smart Gets Paid

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    You started your own business, which is awesome... until you need to get new clients. How do you sign new clients without being salesy? Leah Neaderthal, sales coach for women business owners, shares exactly how. Join Leah to learn: How to stop saying yes to just any client... and start getting the clients you really want; How to use the sales process to build great client relationships; How to be authentically yourself... even when you're selling MORE >

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  • Searching for the Truth… What is Truth?

    Mark Karapetyan, Founder / President, What If UR Wrong Apologetics

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

    Ask anyone today if truth exists, or if it can be defined, and see how fascinating and edgy the conversation will get in a second. Ironically, we live in a pluralistic post-modern world where truth is subjectively recognized, widely suppressed, and regularly denied. You have probably heard someone tell you "I have my own truth and you have yours” or “all religions are true.” MORE >

    The problem with these types of statements is that they are opposing and mutually exclusive by nature. If they can't logically be both true, for they are self –defeating, how do we define truth and find out what is the truth?
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  • Shifting Your Mindset to Build Confidence, Improve Motivation and Achieve Success

    Lydia Michalitsianos, CEO, Build Yourself Inside, LLC.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Life coach and hypnotist Lydia Michalitsianos shares strategies that will help you dissolve your critical voice and eliminate fears that may be holding you back from reaching your goals. Drawing on experience from working with entrepreneurs and business owners, including meeting planners and suppliers, Lydia discusses how feelings about yourself and how you talk to yourself play a significant role in all aspects of your life from sales negotiations, to health, to getting salary your deserve, to managing your daily meeting planning or project management responsibilities. MORE >

    This lecture demo will include a hypnosis demonstration as well as some simple takeaway exercises to put you in control of your thinking habits, so you can begin to shift your own mindset, improve motivation, and produce more positive results in your life and your work.
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  • Creating Success that Sticks: Aligning Your Core Values with Your Career

    Catherine A. Wood, Founder & Head Coach, Unbounded Potential

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    If you became famous tomorrow and your own definition of success became a maxim, what lesson would you impart? What wisdom would you share? For many, success is a fleeting sensation—the achievement of one goal and immediately on to the next. The joy and satisfaction flash in front of our eyes in the instant of success and then it eludes us once again. MORE >

    What could be possible for you in redefining your relationship to success from the inside out, and making that elusive success stick while producing even greater results? You will walk away with a model for aligning your core values with your goals as an access point to creating success that sticks from the inside out.
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  • From Pain to Purpose: How to Turn Life’s Hardest Moments into Your Greatest Opportunities.

    Katie DePaola, Founder and CEO, Inner Glow Circle

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    After a broken engagement, losing her brother, and a 10 year battle with chronic illness, Katie DePaola has finally found her glow. In 2015, Katie opened the doors to Inner Glow Circle, a coach training and personal branding company for women. Within months, her youngest brother died of an accidental overdose. MORE >

    This monumental lose set off a domino effect of changes and challenges, but through it Katie learned to survive by doubling down on her commitment to her vision. Even on the most ill or grief stricken days, her power lies in her purpose.

    Now, Katie teaches others how to make their hardest life experiences their greatest opportunities through the principles of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). PTG is the subject of a growing field of research into the healing that may be accessed when we choose to grow from our trauma and lose.

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  • Building Wealth from the Inside Out

    DeDee Cai, Founder and CEO, FIT TO PROFIT

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    You have the highs and lows in your business. You wondered why running a business seems like charging up an uphill battle most of the time. You know what it takes to be successful, but the results do not correlate with the level of knowledge you possess, nor the level of enthusiasm you have. You may seem successful from the outside, but feel unfulfilled from the inside. So you keep will-powering through until one day you are forced to ask yourself the question: ‘‘What am I doing wrong?’ MORE >

    What if I told you that you don’t have any real business problems, that the issues you have are just a reflection of how you operate as a person, and what you think you are capable of creating. That the state of your net worth is a direct reflection of your level of self-worth. Why does success, and earning money for a business owner has to be such a source of struggle? It does not have to be.

    This presentation will provide you with the tools to set your mind on what’s possible, and reclaim your worth to take your business to the next level.

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  • How To Hypnotize Yourself For Success

    Lydia Michalitsianos, CEO, Build Yourself Inside, LLC.

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    As a performance and comedy hypnotist, Lydia shares her secrets to continued success in business through live demonstration and commentary as she hypnotizes volunteers on stage to act out simple skits. Thus, demonstrating the power of the mind and the imagination to create dramatic and long-lasting results in the lives of business professionals, athletes, leaders, and more. MORE >

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