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  • 3 Big Secrets About Stress That Are Keeping Your Health Hostage

    Dr. Anne Berkeley, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Anne Berkeley PLLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Never before have we experienced stress as we do today. With advances in technology and the increasing pace of modern life, stress levels are high. Our bodies are trying to help us out, but we are not meant to be under stress all the time. Although we cannot escape it completely, there are proactive steps that we can take to change the way our bodies respond. We’ll talk about how stress impacts many different aspects of our health and what the best strategies are to quickly help our bodies recover. You will learn simple techniques to help increase resilience, improve performance and manage stressful situations. Join us to talk with Dr. Anne Berkeley about an individualized and holistic approach for managing stress and what this could look like for you. MORE >

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  • 3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss

    Granetta Coleman, Certified Healthy Lifestyle Accountability Coach, Rooted Dish

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss covers: The 6 culprits that are preventing you from losing weight; What’s stalling your metabolism & keeping the weight on; The 3 keys to losing the weight & keeping it off; The foods that increase your cravings & cause you to hold onto weight; One simple strategy you can implement immediately to boost metabolism.
    MORE >

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  • 7 ways to not lose your best employees

    Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder, The Shuler Group, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Your employees and staff are the lifeblood of your organization. If you're losing good employees and/or you have a revolving door of people leaving your company, you're sacrificing profit, customer retention, and morale if you don't get a handle on this problem.

    During this session, we will cover: MORE >

    - The #1 reason employees voluntarily leave a position
    - How to identify your best employees
    - 7 strategies to employ (pun intended) to retain your employees - 6 of which you can put in place today

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  • A Pinhole of Light (is All You Need)

    Bill Bridges, PhD, Founder, The Creative Man

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Every year, 33,000 American men commit suicide. Bill Bridges has faced his own depression and suicidal thoughts, but came through them, in large part because of a willingness to face emotions that most men find hard to handle. In this presentation, he explains why men struggle with emotions, why they kill themselves in staggering numbers (even though research shows more women think about suicide), and what each man can do if he feels himself slipping into despair. MORE >

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  • Accelerating Your Career on Life’s Expressway

    Marvin Meinders, Owner, Meinders Consultant, LLC

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Are you or your child just starting out on their career or are you caught in a bad situation in your career, it is important that you have an overall strategic plan to help you navigate your career hurdles. A successful career includes more than just your job performance. To be really successful in your career, you must first have a plan of what you want to achieve and how to achieve them over your 40-year career. MORE >

    To help you develop a strategic plan, we will identify and discuss key elements such as your career, personal, and professional goals. To accomplish your goal you will also need to identifying the special gifts and talents you possess to achieve these goals. Identifying these key elements and putting them into a timeline is essential to get your career off to a fast and successful life and career.
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  • Achieving Peace Of Mind Through Financial Planning

    Kevin Ostergaard, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Wolf Group Capital Advisors

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    One of the leading causes of stress in the United States stems from a lack of confidence managing personal finances. This stress can lead to lack of production at work, issues at home, and decrease is self-esteem. This seminar is focused on answering the following questions to help you, your employees, or members build a firm financial foundation: MORE >

    How can we relieve stress through Financial Planning? How can saving now affect our long-term financial trajectory? How can you take control of your cash flow?
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  • All the Answers You Need are Hidden Inside You — Keynote

    Bob Graham, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Breakthrough Solutions

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    In this motivational keynote address, Bob Graham delivers an message on how we can solve even the most complex of challenges. MORE >

    Using personal experiences (including his successful 25+ year battle with cancer, as well as wit and hard-earned wisdom acquired from his varied career as a journalist, marketer, professor and business coach, Graham delivers a powerful presentation focused on Embracing the Renegade in You.

    Participants will discover how to access inside each of them the Renegade, someone who is finding their own unique pathway to success. He will show them how that Renegade can be empowered to solve problems and how those solutions will encourage them to take greater personal risks and experience great rewards.

    As cohost of the Today's Antidote podcast since March 2020, he shares stories and anecdotes that highlight this uniquely simple way to solve problems. In his presentation, he gives actionable steps that will drive people to collaborate and operate more effectively individually and in teams.

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  • Becoming an Audiobook Narrator

    Robert Keiper, Independent Contractor

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Entertainment

    Have you ever had the urge to try narrating an audiobook and get paid for it? There are websites anxious to give you a FREE opportunity to build your skills until you’re ready to move to a professional level. In this presentation, Robert Keiper will tell you how to set up your own audio studio at home and demonstrate some of the skills you’ll have to master. MORE >

    He’ll play excerpts from some of the dozen audiobooks he narrated, that can be found on Audible and Amazon, and tell you some of the tricks he has learned that helped make those narrations successful.
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  • Believe in You

    Mikita Smith, Motivation/Health and Wellness Coach, Beautifully Unbalanced

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    I understand what it feels like to lose hope. Life is hard and as obstacles threaten to deter us from our goals it is important to remember that you have to have faith in yourself. You are the master of your life. It starts with believing in you and all the things that make uniquely you. Rediscover your super power. MORE >

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  • Breaking Through Generational Differences

    Bob Graham, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Breakthrough Solutions

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    The most diverse workforce in history is working in offices in the U.S. People in their 60s, 70s and even the 80s might work alongside people in their teens and 20s. The experiences of each age group (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z) differ greatly. Yet they have to work together for business to succeed. Bob Graham explains how his breakthrough skills can empower people of any age to work more effectively with people who are different. MORE >

    + Key components of each generation and what they mean
    + Important similarities among the age groups that can forge a new understanding
    + How to embrace differences to find better solutions to complex problems
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