Dawn Shuler

CEO and Founder, The Shuler Group, LLC

Free Business Speaker in Washington D.C.

  • 7 ways to not lose your best employees

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Your employees and staff are the lifeblood of your organization. If you're losing good employees and/or you have a revolving door of people leaving your company, you're sacrificing profit, customer retention, and morale if you don't get a handle on this problem.

    During this session, we will cover: MORE >

    - The #1 reason employees voluntarily leave a position
    - How to identify your best employees
    - 7 strategies to employ (pun intended) to retain your employees - 6 of which you can put in place today

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  • Do You Have Rockstars or Rocks on Your Team?

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    A player employees outperform B players by 3 to 1. B players outperform C players by 3 to 1 again.

    Do the math… that means A players (your rockstars) are worth NINE C players (the rocks). MORE >

    How can you tell if you have rockstars or rocks on your team? How do you hire rockstars? Can you train rockstars? Do you need all rockstars only? Is there a place for the rocks?

    In this session, we'll cover:
    - What makes someone a rockstar, and what makes someone a rock
    - What to look for to hire rockstars over rocks
    - What to do with the rocks

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