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  • All the Answers You Need are Hidden Inside You — Keynote

    Bob Graham, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Breakthrough Solutions

    In this motivational keynote address, Bob Graham delivers an message on how we can solve even the most complex of challenges. MORE >

    Using personal experiences (including his successful 25+ year battle with cancer, as well as wit and hard-earned wisdom acquired from his varied career as a journalist, marketer, professor and business coach, Graham delivers a powerful presentation focused on Embracing the Renegade in You.

    Participants will discover how to access inside each of them the Renegade, someone who is finding their own unique pathway to success. He will show them how that Renegade can be empowered to solve problems and how those solutions will encourage them to take greater personal risks and experience great rewards.

    As cohost of the Today's Antidote podcast since March 2020, he shares stories and anecdotes that highlight this uniquely simple way to solve problems. In his presentation, he gives actionable steps that will drive people to collaborate and operate more effectively individually and in teams.

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  • Creating Your Future With God

    Brett Edmond, Opptruth

    This presentation explores: Where we came from; Why we were created; Understanding our purpose; and our responsibility to create.

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  • Believe in You

    Mikita Smith, Motivation/Health and Wellness Coach, Beautifully Unbalanced

    I understand what it feels like to lose hope. Life is hard and as obstacles threaten to deter us from our goals it is important to remember that you have to have faith in yourself. You are the master of your life. It starts with believing in you and all the things that make uniquely you. Rediscover your super power. MORE >

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  • Living Your Life With Purpose

    Mikita Smith, Motivation/Health and Wellness Coach, Beautifully Unbalanced

    Feeling lost? Can't focus? Your life seems routine and without purpose? Do you dreams that you keep putting on hold? Pushing past your fears to challenge yourself to live your dream life. Helping people recognize that you can make a change at any age or any stage of your life.

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  • Overcoming Adversity – From Refugee to Entrepreneur

    Mali Phonpadith, Founder & CEO, SOAR Community Network, LLC

    Mali Phonpadith arrived to the United States when she was five years old as a refugee after fleeing war-torn Laos with her family. Against all odds and shaped by a tumultuous journey filled with tragedies and losses, she shows us that we are capable of experiencing joy after pain, taking flight after the falls, and healing through the hurting. MORE >

    Clarity of vision and purpose helped her to claim her unique mission in this world. She now thrives as a business owner and community champion. She talks about how having a strong sense of a purpose fuels us to abundantly share our gifts as a service to others, expands our worldview of what’s possible and increases our spiritual capacity to thrive, evolve and soar.
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  • A Pinhole of Light (is All You Need)

    Bill Bridges, PhD, Founder, The Creative Man

    Every year, 33,000 American men commit suicide. Bill Bridges has faced his own depression and suicidal thoughts, but came through them, in large part because of a willingness to face emotions that most men find hard to handle. In this presentation, he explains why men struggle with emotions, why they kill themselves in staggering numbers (even though research shows more women think about suicide), and what each man can do if he feels himself slipping into despair. MORE >

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  • From Pain to Purpose: How to Turn Life’s Hardest Moments into Your Greatest Opportunities.

    Katie DePaola, Founder and CEO, Inner Glow Circle

    After a broken engagement, losing her brother, and a 10 year battle with chronic illness, Katie DePaola has finally found her glow. In 2015, Katie opened the doors to Inner Glow Circle, a coach training and personal branding company for women. Within months, her youngest brother died of an accidental overdose. MORE >

    This monumental lose set off a domino effect of changes and challenges, but through it Katie learned to survive by doubling down on her commitment to her vision. Even on the most ill or grief stricken days, her power lies in her purpose.

    Now, Katie teaches others how to make their hardest life experiences their greatest opportunities through the principles of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). PTG is the subject of a growing field of research into the healing that may be accessed when we choose to grow from our trauma and lose.

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  • What’s My Purpose? Create the Thing You Wish Existed

    Katie DePaola, Founder and CEO, Inner Glow Circle

    We’re all looking for our purpose to make sense of this life. We can find a sense purpose in many things - community, family, career, spiritual life. But our true purpose, no matter the sphere, is to create the thing we wish existed in the world. MORE >

    The problem is that most of us are largely taught to complain about the things we don’t like rather than change them. Complaints are low responsibility ways to ask for what we need. To reach our next level, both individually and collectively, we need to become more active than passive.

    Yes, we live in a difficult and often disheartening world, but the question is what can we do about it?

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